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Web Design

Kayem Computing can help you use the web to increase your connections with both customers and staff. We can work with you to design and develop a web site which accomplishes this without the complications and high cost you might expect.

Kayem Computing's web site development team comprises people who want to understand your business needs, and what benefits you hope the web can provide. Our team will show you how to make the internet and web work as hard for you as you do for your business.

You can view our extensive range of Web Design work by clicking on the Web Portfolio button alongside.

Below are details of our full web site Design Services, and our Business Starter Site (our low-cost web site).

Design Services

Site Concept A well designed site is more than just a bunch of internet pages. Your site should project an image of your business for the whole world to see - an image which should fit your overall marketing efforts. At Kayem Computing, we will help you determine the image you want the world to associate with your company and then work to present that image throughout your site. We will also gladly interact with your existing marketing company to implement their designs on the web.
Site Development Kayem Computing's highly experienced web site development team will build your site with your long range goals in mind so that they can be easily implemented. We will also help you understand ways to use your site, not only to reach customers, but also to help your own staff work more efficiently.
Image Preparation Our development team can prepare your images for your web site. Logos, photographs or other visual media can be resized, enhanced, and omptimised for use on your web site. If you'd prefer, we can of course produce any images for your site from scratch, whether computer created or photographs. 
Digital Effects & Enhancements Kayem Computing's technical illustrators and graphic artisits can work with you to enhance your original artwork, or create new images including Flash movies and effects, animations, and video-clips.
Search Engine Submission A well designed web site is of no consequence unless people actually use it. With this in mind, Kayem Computing can submit your web site to over 300 different search engines for maximum exposure.
Site Analysis Kayem Computing can analyse your web site to assess and recommend its readiness for search engines, including checking effectiveness of Meta Description and Keywords, researching most effective Keywords of similar sites, and relevance of Title for search engines. At the time of writing Kayem Computing is ranked number 1 in AltaVista's search engine.

Business Starter Site

If you're not in a position to invest the time or money required in developing a fully interactive web site, Kayem Computing can provide you with a Business Starter Site for only 299.00*. The Business Starter Site includes:

Registration of a suitable Domain Name (e.g. www.mywidgets.com)
Single page web site (two scrolls equal one page, or an A4 page of information)
Textured or solid-coloured background
Your business logo
Your business contact details (address, telephone, fax, etc.)
Up to 150 words describing your business
Up to 3 links to other web sites
Link to your e-mail address

Your Business Starter Site can be have additional pages or features added at a later date whenever you require them, and can be expanded into a full web site over time.

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Kayem Computing
Auchenharvie Business Park, 72 Auchenharvie Road, Saltcoats, KA21 5RN
Tel/Fax: +44 (0)7941 635149 Email: info@kayem-computing.com
Copyright 1999-2010 Kayem Computing. All rights reserved.

*Prices correct at time of publishing and subject to change. Errors and omissions excepted.